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3 flavored CBD vape oil products can you trust!

There are many reasons the FDA has such strict requirements for this new industry. The latest being vaping.  Lets talk about that for a minute...

I'm not a scientist, but I've been glued to this industry for over 7 years and I've learned alot about vaping. Here are a few facts:

  • E-Juice flavors consist of flavoring (fruit terpenes/essential oils) mixed with either Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerine. PG is usually the top choice because of the thick cloud it creates, especially at a higher temperature.  Big clouds and fancy tricks are gaining popularity and heavier use than ever.
  • The problem with PG (Propylene Glycol) is that it's known to create high levels of formaldehyde, especially when a vaporizer is is turned up to a high temperature.  NBCNews weighs in on the topic and suggest exactly this, don't vape PG at high temperatures. Sadly we're also warned not to over drink or smoke cigarettes. People are going to do what they want. Perhaps E-Juice should show big pictures of collapsed lungs on the packaging. 
  • Now VG (Vegetable Glycerine) also creates a nice white puffy cloud, it's vegetable based, which sounds much better than PG in theory, but hey, isn't it entirely wax based?  
  • Speaking of wax, there are many vape pen producers out there who think that MCT is safe because it's been refined to the point that it's flavorless.  It's still oil at the end of the day.

PG is a no brainer, it's used more than any other liquid for e-juice and seems like the biggest culprit to the vaping health epidemic we've been seeing. 

VG and MCT, again, are both extracted wax and oil.  How could our lungs possibly process hours, weeks and months of steady vaporizing?  Of course lungs are overheating and collapsing. 

Are the Dr.s who are seeing these extreme life threatening vape deaths pointing out toxic amounts of Formaldehyde?  Or are they finding suffocating wax build up in lungs? We're not getting much information about it all. Just a bunch of ignorant politicians pandering around the topic as we approach election time.  Where is the data?


Then there is an entirely different category of vape oil (never referred to as e-juice)... It's thick, 100% plant based, de-waxed (winterized) then distilled to a nearly clear extract.  The only additive, if any, is a tiny amount of a 1000% natural and highly concentrated liquid (fruit "zest") terpene (3-7%). Whether it's derived from hemp or cannabis, as long as it's been lab tested, a consumer can see what they're putting in their body.  

Flavored CBD vape oil products, like the vape pen cartridges made by Social CBD, broad spectrum distillate in a charged pen, illin for a chillin.  Also Green Lotus Vape Cartridges are trusted around the world for being pure distillate with very little flavored terpenes added. Flavored CBD vape oil products you can trust!

Surprisingly news channels like CNN, BBC or even Vice haven't mentioned much about science and everything about politics.  Thank God for the internet.

Still, it can feel impossible to know which Flavored CBD vape oil products are trustworthy and which are not. The goal of our CBD product reviews are to help you feel more confident that you're making a healthy buying decision. We only retail five star brands that we've personally put to the test, so you can shop Bhango with confidence. 

If you don't see an offer or discount code on the site, here is a little trick you can do... subscribe to any products you choose on the site and you'll receive 15% off your order. We'll send a reminder every month (or whatever term you choose) and you can re-order whenever you're ready to try some more products. 

Hopefully this article helps you understand the differences between all the vape news we've been hearing lately.  Most things are safe in moderation, but we strongly discourage vaping chemicals and smoking of any kind. Even bongs and joints.  Who wants carcinogens? Vaping flower is where it's at. The flavors and aroma are so nice. But thats a whole new article!

In summary, be good to your body, know what you're putting into it and most importantly, listen to your body. If you feel aches or sharp pain in your lungs it's probably a good time for a break or to quit entirely. 


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