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Our mission at is to globally curate and procure the best CBD Oil products while providing immediate, informative, patient centric customer service. 

We're based in Seattle WA with Canadian roots. We've been immersed in CBD for many years with a focus on research, application, design, supply chain, trade shows, marketing and health benefits.

Adding CBD to your life is a lifestyle change, not an "as needed" pill.  It takes regular use and knowing your "sweet spot" in daily milligrams to sustain the benefits.  Monthly use can get expensive but we expect the price to go down immensely over the next few years.  Most importantly we have to get away from as many prescriptions as possible!

It's important to keep in mind that our bodies all host unique endocannabinoid systems and finding the right dose and routine may take some time. If you are using a zero THC oil and are not finding the effect you're after, say for focus, pain, anxiety or pet seizures then try using a full spectrum oil and experiment with the dose amounts in 3 day increments. 

There is also Broad Spectrum CBD and Full Spectrum CBD(usually with traces of THC) which may have a slight difference on various conditions.  Full spectrum CBD Oil usually has an undetectable amount of THC and other cannabinoids that may work better for your condition. Try to increase the amount of CBD every 3 days and see if you notice a significant difference in how you feel.  Find the sweet spot!

Your pet can also benefit from nearly any CBD product.  Full spectrum is known to be a little more effective for seizures or shaking.  Do the math, scale back the dose from your weight to your pets weight and again, find the sweet spot. Most products will have clear instructions as well.

I personally use CBD for back and neck pain and CBN for sleep. CBN is hard to find and still very expensive.  Most dispensaries should have a high CBN tincture in stock.  Ask for it with low THC if you don't want the high. It may take a few days of (suggested) use to feel the benefits of CBD.  CBN is more immediate.

There are actually over 80 cannabinoids in the female cannabis plant.  The medical system has its place, but it dishes out a disgusting amount of pills. Cannabis, an herb, is finally “allowed” to be tested and bred to produce concentrated levels of these magic cannabinoids. The next few years are going to provide herbal medicine that doesn’t destroy our organs, and doesn’t have to get you high. It’s happening in labs and universities all over the world. So get read for one of the greatest revolutions in medicine in our century thus far. 

Be at peace!