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Launch your own CBD brand!

We have developed multiple brands that are ready to go to print on dozens of different white label CBD products. See the list of available brands below.  Most products require a 100 unit minimum to start. We're here to help direct marketing, sell products on Bhango and even ship to customers.  We're open to partnerships or acquisitions.

We can also start from scratch and help you create your product line, packaging and website if you have a special concept in mind. We've been in the branding and marketing business for CBD and cannabis for over 5 years.

Call or email for more info:

800 930 0126

TAIMA TOPICALS could be yours! 

All natural ingredients, Taima topicals are made with nano-micro emulsion for maximum bio-availability.  In other words, less is more with Taima full spectrum hemp oil products. Not to rub it in (pun intended), but our creams and lotions are the balm! 


100 mg SPF 15 Lotion

100 mg SPF 30 Lotion

250 mg Sun Recovery Gel

250 mg All Purpose Body Balm

400 mg Body Lotion

500 mg Nighttime Nourishment Face Mask

500 mg Repairing Face Mask

500 mg Body Salve Regular

1000 mg Body Salve Max

Custom private label turnkey lotions, salve and facial products